Edsential Partners with Love Music Trust to Lead New Music Hub for Cheshire and Wirral

Edsential Partners with Love Music Trust to Lead New Music Hub for Cheshire and Wirral

Exciting news for music enthusiasts in Cheshire and Wirral! This year marks a significant milestone as Arts Council England unveils the new Music Hub Lead Organisations across England starting September 2024. 

Arts Council England has streamlined the number of music hub organisations to just 43 nationwide. Among these initiatives, we’re thrilled to announce that Edsential, in partnership with Love Music Trust, will be serving the vibrant communities of Wirral, Cheshire West & Chester, and Cheshire East. 

Our collaboration with Love Music Trust, renowned for its exceptional work across Cheshire East, has resulted in a successful combined bid. While both organisations will maintain their individual identities, this partnership opens doors to a host of exciting opportunities for young musicians and aspiring artists in our region.

At Edsential, our commitment to providing top-tier music education remains our priority. With Love Music Trust taking the lead in reporting to Arts Council England, Edsential will concentrate on what we do best: delivering quality teaching and learning experiences, fostering pathways into the music industry, and nurturing creativity through collaborative projects with children and young people in Wirral and CWAC. 

Together, we envision a future where every young person has the chance to discover the power of music. By leveraging our collective strengths and resources, we will continue a journey of innovation, inclusivity, and excellence in music education.

Stay tuned as we start this exciting new chapter, empowering the next generation of musicians and shaping the cultural landscape of Cheshire and Wirral through the universal language of music. 

To learn more about this ground-breaking initiative, visit the Arts Council England website Arts Council England announces new Music Hub Lead Organisations | Arts Council England