Active Learning

Active Learning


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This programme supports:

  1. Raising attainment in Maths and English
  2. Development of a culture of Active Learning across the whole school
  3. Effective and sustainable use of the PE and Sport Premium


Why a school should buy?

Most primary school children spend on average, 70% of their classroom time sitting down. Outside the classroom, the number of children walking to school has decreased and, at the same time, many more children are spending longer staring at screens. In light of these changes to children’s habits outside school, how children spend their time in school is becoming increasingly more important. And the UK government’s recent childhood obesity strategy recommends “active lessons” as one way schools can work towards providing children with at least 30 minutes of physical activity during the school day


Active Learning Day

A full day of Active Learning support for class teachers focusing on a range of different age groups and themes. A bespoke day designed in line with the priorities of the school. Ideal for Health and Wellbeing weeks.

·        Working with up to 7 classes throughout the day

·        A great opportunity for professional development within your own school

·        Each class will take part in a different type of lesson which staff can then share with other year groups

·        Age appropriate, active learning opportunities


Staff Twilight

1.5 hour session looking at active pedagogy and practical ways of making Maths and English lessons more active

Can include 

·        Active Literacy 

·        Active Maths 

·        OAA using the curriculum 

·        Maths interventions for Teaching Assistants  


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