Evolve + (Plus) Secondary

Evolve + (Plus) Secondary


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Edsential have become partners with Edufocus which enables us to offer EVOLVE+ at discounted rates to schools.

EVOLVE+ is an additional package that enables schools to operate more efficiently at school level
by using the following features:

  • MIS Link (link EVOLVE with schools’ MIS such as SIMS, Integris, Scholar Pack to automatically upload data, change year groups, manage staff accounts, and include additional information on registers such as dietary needs, medical information and contact details)
  • Outline Approval (seek initial approval from key staff such as Cover Manager and Deputy Head before planning the activity)
  • e-Consent (seek e-consent from parents to save paper, money and time, as it automatically records responses online on the register)
  • Shared Calendars (export key information such as Activity Name, Date, Time, Leader, etc. to external calendars such as Outlook, enabling office staff to retain an overview without
    logging into EVOLVE)
    • Communication Tools (send email, SMS and mobile2mobile from EVOLVE to avoid recreating contact groups in external Comms systems, and send one text to a mobile number which EVOLVE automatically distributes to all contacts on a register – great when you’re delayed because of traffic!).

Schools that have already purchased Evolve+ are delighted with the ease of the system and time saving!!

“We have been using Evolve+ since June 2017 and it has enabled us to go paperless for all of our trips and visits. It has saved an enormous amount of time in printing, collecting and collating consent forms. Well worth the cost, would highly recommend,”   Angela Woodward – Finance Officer – Lunts Heath Primary School


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Evolve+ for Secondary Schools subscription will start on 14/07/2024 and continue for 365 days

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Evolve+ for Secondary Schools subscription will start on 14/07/2024 and continue for 365 days

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