Welcome to Edsential’s guide to activities for children and young people to access at home with support from families and carers or from teachers in schools; #EdsentialAtHome 

Our lead teachers and practitioners have carefully planned weekly themed ideas for you to explore relevant ideas whilst giving exciting opportunities to learn and play together. We’ve summarised this into a FREE weekly activity sheet that you can download!

We have endeavoured to provide activities which carefully balance screen time and activity to ensure you stay fit, healthy and motivated – don’t worry if you don’t have access to the internet or a computer at home, your school can print off a summary for you to use. 

You’ll find more information on our weekly activity sheet below. You can also use the quick links on the left to explore and navigate to each week.

Weekly Activity Sheet

Every week we’re going to add an easy to follow, educational and fun downloadable activity sheet !

You will notice each week will be focused around the four key themes below: 

Make and Create

Exploring the arts and crafts through a range of practical activities.

Time to Move

PE, Sport and Physical Activities to help you keep active, including healthing eating ideas to fuel your exercise!

Let’s Go Outside

Time to find out what is happening out your garden or in the street where you live.

Adventures at Home

Bring the adventure to your home with activities that aim to build your resilience, confidence and curiosity.

Each weekly activity sheet will use a variety of websites, videos, books and songs to create an interactive and fun learning experience. As with all online and active learning programmes, please ensure you take the appropriate measures to ensure your child’s safety.

The activities are designed for children and families to be completed togetherWe respectfully suggest that children are not left unsupervised when completing tasks, especially for the online activities. Edsential is not responsible for external sites which may contain inappropriate images and content unsuitable for children.  


Week 11 – Here Comes Summer

Week 10 – Royal Cheshire Show

Week 9 – Summer Solstice

Week 8 – Charles Dickens

Week 7 – Night at the Museum

Week 6 – Cheese Rolling

Week 5 – Chelsea Flower Show

Week 4 – Mersey River Festival

Week 3 – VE Day

Week 2 – May Day

Week 1 – Spring

Easter Break

Word Building

Sue Calveley our SEND specialist has created some video resources for parents and children to utilise and get involved with at home! Our first series uses the alphabet arc to build explore word building.

Video 1 – Making words with the alphabet arc!

In this video Sue explains how the alphabet arc can be used to help spell and sound out words phonetically.

Identifying the vowels, part-time vowel and consonants. Remember if you don’t have alphabet letters you can make your own using paper squares. You’ll need the 26 letters of the alphabet plus an extra sets of vowels. We’d love to hear how you got on using the alphabet arc at home!

Video 2 – Spelling with ‘ea’

This week the focus is on ‘ea’. The sound they make and how they can be used to spell words.

For further information or for guidance on a particular topic email sue.calveley@edsential.co.uk

We’d love to hear from you!

We’d love to hear how you got on completing our activity sheets so don’t forget to tag us using @EdsentialUK with the hashtag #EdsentialatHome on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You can also find info from others who’ve been completing our activity sheets.

If you need any support, guidance or just have some feedback for us please feel free to contact us by emailing Hello@edsential.co.uk