Impact report 2022/23


  • We welcomed our first school in Flintshire, Broughton Primary School. Already, meals numbers have increased by a staggering 60 meals per day.
  • We have currently extended 5 PFI schools in Ellesmere Port – taking us up until July 2027
  •  193 employees completed Food Safety Training. 174 staff have completed allergens training including all Catering Supervisors and Management
  • New Updated Allergen Policy/procedure since Dec 2022 We currently manage 709 pupils with allergen/ Intolerance diets

In late 2022 Edsential successfully won a Tender for Broughton Primary school in Flintshire. The school began working as an Edsential catered school at the beginning of 2023 and we have received great feedback from the Headteacher, staff, pupils and governors throughout the year. The feedback received has been regarding the quality of food, menu choice and staff working in the school kitchen. The Headteacher even commented that the dining hall has never looked cleaner at the end of the service (the children are loving their new meals so much they are no longer ‘dropping’ food on the floor!) 

Melissa Kendrick Headteacher, Broughton Primary School, Flintshire: “The professionalism and coordination of every member of the Edsential team has ensured the transition into the Broughton kitchen has been seamless. The children and staff literally drool at the presentation and quality of the meals prepared – the roast dinner and meat is just like you’d cook at home and the fresh fruit platters are delicious. It’s great to hear the children talk about their meal choices and most importantly clear their plates!”

Helen Friend: Executive Headteacher of Bishop Wilson Primary School and Christ Church C of E Primary School:
“The thing that I really like about Edsential is the team. The team that support us as a school are fantastic. They communicate really well with us, they listen to us and we can always work through any problems or any concerns. Jo has been fantastic all of the way through, we couldn’t want a better area manager, she works with us, she will drop in, she will check on food quality, she will always make sure that the school and the children are happy.”


Matthew Vickers Business Manager of Helsby High School:
“From the ingredients, the menu choices and the food that we offer – it’s very important for our school to promote healthy eating, that’s really key for us. Edsential consider students’ dietary requirements – so we have a vegan and vegetarian option available as well as ensuring diabetic and other food needs are catered for.”

  • This year we look forward to supporting more Halton schools as they seek to find a new catering provider










  • 34,271 residential bed night visits took place at Conway Centres
  • 16,040 people visited Conway Centres, aged from Year 2 – Adults
  • 311 schools also visited our centres from all over the UK
  • Conway Centres served a whopping 94,500 meals to guests
  • We also had 47,816 participation in activities

At Conway Centres, we pride ourselves on creating bespoke residentials that support schools’ goals and any topic of their choosing. When St Catherine of Siena Catholic Primary School, Lowton enquired about a bespoke Romans themed residential, our team specifically designed a programme of activities that combined adventure and arts activities with the Romans. From canoeing the Roman crossing on the Menai Strait to creating Roman Mosaics – see what they had to say about their bespoke residential…

“Children encountered aspects/techniques in Art they wouln’t normally have access to. Canoeing was fabulous!! Great knowledge of Roman’s from instructors and activity was lots of fun. All staff have been really encouraging and made it fun. Teaching was first class!” 

St John Fisher – GCSE Drama Weekend

“This is my fifth/sixth visit to the Centre and as always, the itinerary and workshops offered are exceptional. Students have had the opportunity to explore media & techniques not readily available to us in school.

Beautiful outcomes produced that will really enhance student’s GCSE grades.”


“The instructors were absolutely fantastic. Every single one of them were professional and treated every child with absolute care and understanding. They made the experience!”

  • We are looking at new activities to develop, such as access to a local Gorge not too far from our centre
  • Revaluating the access to out listed building, with the aim to improve accessibility and inclusivity


  • Edsential has engaged with 261 schools (91%) to support or deliver music education programs and/or activities.
  • 5813 students received Whole Class Ensemble Teaching with 5,204 having their first experience of learning to play an instrument free of charge in our First Access programmes, fully funded by Edsential Musical Routes. These students have been taught on a weekly basis in 170 music classes.
  • 2507 students have been taught on a weekly basis in 74 music classes (full year whole-class instrumental teaching).
  • 74 schools (25%) chose to continue their whole class tuition with us beyond the fully funded period.
  • 383 students (7%) continued to play an instrument in the academic year 2022-2023 as a result of having Whole Class Tuition in the year before.
  • 2473 Children learned an instrument (One to One, Small group or large group) with Edsential Musical Routes and their partners in the music hub.

Come and Play with the Hallé is a unique concert, specially designed to offer thousands of children who take part in whole class instrumental learning the opportunity to play and sing with an international symphony orchestra, at The Bridgewater Hall in Manchester.

The music service invited a selection of their schools to participate in this life-changing experience, where children experienced the power of a symphony orchestra first hand, as well as being a part of it!


Teacher, Lorna Maclean from Farndon Primary School, whose class attended the concert, said:

The event was just fabulous! I know that a lot of work goes into it, and I really do appreciate Edsential’s efforts. It felt so good to be back to what we used to do, live music performances! It’s so important for the children to see and hear live music, especially when they are learning an instrument. I hope that the experience will further encourage the children to play their instruments, continue next year and develop a love for playing music.”

West Kirby Primary School – CPD course evaluations

“It enabled me to gain insight into what Ofsted may focus on. It was very helpful to hear from other teachers in a similar role to myself and hearing from a Headteacher who has recently had a deep dive in music. Resources and information were clearly explained in a friendly, professional manner and the 2 hour course flew by.”


Following on from the effects of COVID, we are excited about a return to live music! This year we expect to host more live events, concerts and performances than ever


  • 3.8% above budgeted profit in 2022/23 
  • 158 Cleaning Audits completed with an average score of 92% 
  • Gained new 5 new contracts. 
  • Only 2 staff accidents within 2022/23 
  • 0 RIDORR Reportable Accidents 
  • A Lost Time Incident Rate of 0

Coming soon…

Simon Faircloth, Chief Operating Officer, Concordia Multi Academy Trust

Edsential took on the contract at Town Lane and immediately improve the quality of cleaning and become part of the school team. The quality remains high, absences are effectively covered, and our relationship meetings are very positive. This cost is near neutral to insourcing, yet the quality has improved as has our staff wellbeing.  

We would highly recommend Edsential in supporting your school as their cleaning partner. 

  • To continue to grow the cleaning service to schools within the Wirral and Flintshire areas. 
  • Continue to work with the Health and Safety Advisor to improve further health & safety training and procedures to reduce accidents and near misses and to further promote to all facilities staff the phrase “Arrive Safe, Work Safe & Home Safe” 
  • To work with the HR Team to improve the recruitment process of Cleaners & Caretakers

Holiday Activities with Food Programme

  • 340 Clubs
  • Over 108,637 meals provided
  • 2,513 SEND children benefitted from HAF 2022
  • 18,627 children and young people benefitted from the programme

Please see below for some amazing case studies from our HAF 2022 providers:

HAF22 Cheshire west and Chester

“Clubs like these are invaluable to parents during the summer holidays. I am a single working parent and it can be a long time to try and entertain children for, it can also get so expensive so activities like these are such a godsend.”

HAF22 Wirral – Prenton Rugby Club

“This is an excellent club with lots of different activities whilst having an overarching focus on a healthy lifestyle.  The staff were always helpful and accommodating with my child who has some additional needs.  I felt comfortable that my child was safe and well cared for during the club times”

We aim to increase the numbers of schools engaging in the programme, with a particular focus on Secondary Schools.

We aim to focus in on the quality of food provision offered by providers. Food quality is a national concern for HAF, and we are undertaking a Pilot project in both Wirral and Cheshire West and Chester which will encourage organisations to cook good quality nutritious meals.


Edsential’s Governance service:

  • Clerk for 153 schools
  • Provide training for 93 schools
  • Delivered training seats to 286 delegates

Edsential Governance team held:

  • 1113 meetings
  • 58 additional meetings
  • 18 admission panels hearing cases for 112 pupils

Coming soon…


“She has been with us for a couple of years now and we are both extremely pleased with her support. She is utterly professional and so supportive.”

We are looking at ways we can better support the needs of MAT groups through our clerking and training services

Learning Outside the Classroom

  • We supported 599 schools with EVOLVE primarily across Cheshire West, Cheshire East, Halton and Wirral. 2992 visits took place by the schools that we support
  • We approved 1321 residential visits in total – a real bounce back from covid. 225 were overseas visits in which 7189 students got to see parts of the world they perhaps hadn’t previously discovered
  • We have trained 250 Educational Visit Co-ordinators, with the offer of both online and face to face training

Learning outside the classroom is an integral part of life at St Mary of the Angels. They place high value on enabling children to get outside and experience their learning in a natural environment, which they do thanks to brilliant weekly sessions delivered by Edsential’s LOTC team. Edsential are proud to work alongside St Mary’s, who thanks to this partnership have been credited with the Silver Award from the National Council for Learning Outside the Classroom. The LOTC Mark is a high quality assurance scheme that supports and celebrates schools who provide meaningful experiences beyond the classroom, across the whole curriculum, indoors and out, on and off-site.

Shocklach Oviatt C of E Primary – Teacher

“The children were thrilled with the day and you could clearly see a real sense of achievement when they were able to create fire. The Roman numerals activity was particularly creative as the children used tools do there was an excellent practical element but the outcomes were fabulous for problem solving and learning some real Maths.”

Thanks to funding from the Arconic Foundation, we will be working closely with Halton Schools to deliver LOTC Experiences and an Environmental Curriculum

Physical and Mental Health & Wellbeing

  • PE+ supported 295 teachers in the last two years
  • 96% of teachers rated the service as “very good” or “excellent”
  • 100% of teachers reported increased confidence in teaching PE
  • PE+ extended support to 600 teachers across 52 schools this year
  • Provided over 500 lesson plans for staff access
  • Delivered more than 2600 swimming lessons this year to over 10,000 children
  • 72% of year 6 children in the swimming program met national curriculum expectations

Edsential’s Rainbow Programme utilises Growth Mindset, Mindfulness, Yoga and Yoga Therapy to support young people in bringing their physical and emotional body into balance to restore health and wellbeing. It aims to: Increase resilience, develop self-awareness and promote positive metal health

Pupil, St Paul’s Catholic Primary School.

“When I go home after yoga, I feel like a different person. I feel happy, relaxed and alive” 

PE Subject Leader, St Bridget’s CofE Primary

“The children started their own yoga club at lunchtime, in reflection to starting the project. A lot of children went to this, which supported their independence and resilience” 

Teacher, Hillside Primary School

“I have been able to gain a deeper understanding about the structure of dance lessons and have been inspired to expand this further.”

Teacher, St Bridget’s C of E Primary School

“Excellent high-quality delivery and CPD opportunity. The modelling of skills and teaching through a gymnastics unit has reassured us we are on the right track with our teaching. Thank you for your hard work and efforts.”

Teacher, Millfields C of E Primary School

“The support I’ve received through these sessions will, not only support me when teaching fundamental games in the future, but also in other areas of PE. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the training and the children have too.”


With over 30 schools now subscribed, the Edsential PE Scheme of Work is supporting more than 400 teachers to deliver high- quality PE lessons each week. We expect this number to more-than double within the next 12-months!


  • More than 190 payment runs made to suppliers
  • Approximately 16,000 supplier invoices processed and paid within 30 days
  • Over 350 invoices paid to our HAF providers to deliver holiday activities
  • 2 team members attending college to complete their Association of Accounting Technician qualification.
  • Over 1000 call queries answered
  • Over 1300 calls made to customers to chase payments due
  • Over 11,000 sales invoices issued to customers
  • To work with service leads and SMT in producing realistic and challenging budgets that ensure we breakeven, whilst building in growth to ensure any profits can be reinvested into our schools.


  • 4 staff members supported with Apprenticeship Management training
  • 52 employees were internally promoted
  • 150 new staff members joined Edsential

We will be exploring a new HR recruitment portal and payroll system