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Edsential Musical Routes Bursary Application Form


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Music Bursary

The Edsential Music Routes Bursary fund enables young people to access music lessons regardless of their financial position. If you have a keen interest in music and think you need help to fund lessons and hire an instrument, we would like to hear from you.

Who does the bursary help?

Young musicians from complete beginners to advanced players on a wide range of instruments who require funding support.

Above all, we are looking for young musicians with enthusiasm for making music, the commitment to attending lessons and rehearsals and who prove that they practice at home and make progress.

What we need from you.

We understand that every child has a different reason behind why they need financial support, and we are dedicated to supporting all children who want to learn an instrument. For a bursary to be considered, we need a written statement from a parent or teacher about why the bursary is required.

All applications will be reviewed and discussed by two Managers from the Music Service to ensure that our process is fair and all requests will be processed as quickly as possible.

Once a bursary has been awarded, we ask for you to commit to practising regularly and joining one of the many Edsential ensembles. Our bursary won’t make you a wonderful musician. Only your enthusiasm and commitment can do that. We will support you by providing an instrument, tutor and groups to play in. How much you succeed is down to you and we look forward to celebrating your success.

We welcome applications from anyone who feels they will benefit from our support.

Please follow this link to begin the application and to find more information about our eligibility criteria.


If you have any queries, please email music@edsential.co.uk

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